Mira Hair Oil Scam?

Mira Hair Oil Scam?

Hi Mike here,

“Is Mira hair oil a scam?”…  You are very smart to do a bit of research before buying a product. The only people that really get scammed are those that never really know what they are buying. So is Mira hair oil a scam or not? The simple answer is, it’s not.

If you do a quick search for Mira oil reviews on internet you will find quite many of them and most of them are positive. Of course just like with any other product it’s not going to work for all people, but the majority of the users seem to be very happy. This is not only my belief but also an observation that can be proven in a few minutes of research. Many of those online hair oil reviews look fake, but you will also find real ones that really tell the truth.

Don’t believe me when I say Mira hair oil scam is just a marketing trick, see for yourself.

Mira Hair Oil BottleHere are some more points why Mira hair oil is NOT a scam.

  • Generally scams don’t last that long. When people learn that something is a scam that knowledge spreads like wildfire and soon the scammers lose all business. Mira website is here for more than 2 years which might not mean a lot, but if this was an online scam that website would be long gone.
  • Apart from finding some real and unbiased reviews about Mira hair oil, there is nothing »out of the ordinary« with this product. Oils that promote hair growth exist for a very long time and we know that they work. In fact, even though the promises of super healthy and fast growing hair in short time might seem over fetched , the price is pretty high. High quality products usually have a high price.
  • I’ve covered 10 different points that show if Mira hair-oil is scam or not and you can see that post below. Another point that can give you a peace of mind when buying this hair oil is the 100% money back guarantee that it offers. Anytime in 60 days if you are not happy with the oil you can return it and you will get all your money back. So literally there is no risk involved. Many legitimate businesses use the money back guarantee to make people more trustworthy of buying online. I’ve demanded and got my money back for something I bought and you’ve probably experienced the same. This is not a scam tactic.

Hopefully you have a better idea whether or not Mira hair oil scam is real or not.

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You are recommended to check out the official Mira hair oil website.


Where To Buy Mira Hair Oil Online


Where To Buy Mira Hair Oil Online

where to buy mira hair oil -  official websiteAt the moment there is no other way of buying original Mira hair oil than ordering it online. The company that produces this hair oil doesn’t have its own stores and it’s not being sold in any local supermarkets or drugstores. If you want to know where to buy Mira oil online, the obvious answer is their official Mira website.

You can probably find other websites from which you can buy Mira hair oil online, but you have to be sure they are trustworthy. As we all know, internet is not always a very safe place for our sensitive credit card information. Whenever you are putting out your credit card to buy something, make sure you do it through a well-known and trusted payment system. The official Mira website uses Paydotcom which is a trusted company dealing with online payment processing for years. It uses Paypal which is probably the most trusted online payment system.

How to spot shady websites

A lot of times shady websites offer lower prices so they can easily attract unsuspecting victims. The price for first oil kit package on the official website is $79.99 and anybody offering a much lower price is probably just trying to get your money. After you pay the first payment you are included in the Mira hair oil members system which will send you another bottle of oil in 2 months’ time. If you don’t want to receive and pay for the second bottle you can easily cancel the membership and order only when you want yourself. This is one of the less professional and annoying aspects of buying Mira hair oil. For a lot of less internet-savvy people this might look like a fake website, but it is actually the official one, just make sure you follow the link given here.

Why choose official Mira oil website?

The benefits of the official Mira website are that you are given a money back guarantee and some nice bonuses not available anywhere else. (click here to read all about it) The money back guarantee basically gives you an option to get your money refunded if you are not happy with the hair oil. All you have to do is contact them with the order details and demand a refund.

Non-official websites might not give you this option so it is only logical to use the official website to buy Mira hair oil.

How can I pay for Mira hair oil?

You can pay for Mira oil by most common ways of payment online, various credit cards and Paypal. You will have to have a Paypal account, which is free, and then you can use Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Diners or Discovery credit cards or pay with the money that you already have on the account. There are many ways to set up your own free Paypal account.

Is it safe to use Mira hair oil on colored hair?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use Mira oil if you have colored or highlighted hair. In fact when you color your hair you automatically damage some of it, Mira oil will help you regain the health and good-looks of your hair in matter of weeks. Mira oil is a natural oil which can be safely used on all types of hair.

Can I buy Mira hair oil in local store?

The original Mira hair oil can only be ordered online and if you find any Mira oil in your local store it is highly possible it is an imitation. For imitations of Mira oil you cannot be sure it is of the same quality and you usually don’t receive any guarantees or bonuses.


Here is another link that will take you directly to official Mira website where you can safely buy Mira hair oil online with a money back guarantee, bonuses and through a safe payment processing company.

What Impacts The Health Of Your Hair


What Impacts The Health Of Your Hair



hair treatmentGenerally these are the things that impact the health of your health;

  • What you put on it (shampoo, conditioner…)
  • What you eat (healthy vegetables or just junk food?)
  • The environment effects (exposing to hot sun light, chloride in water…)
  • How much you sleep
  • Your genetics
  • Your stress levels

These are the main things that effect how good or how bad your hair looks like.

Synthetic shampoos and other hair products

Did you know that a lot of hair products that are being sold in your local supermarket or drugstore include synthetic ingredients? Many of these have the exact opposite effect than what you want them to do. Breakage, dull hair, hair loss and other problems may originate from using bad quality hair products that are not made out of natural ingredients. For the sake of your own health try to use only hair product brands that you trust. Be willing to spend a bit more on higher quality products, because saving money on account of the health of your hair is not the option. Organic or hair products that use natural ingredients may be more expensive and harder to find, but at least you can be sure they’re doing good to your hair and no the other way around. A lot of these synthetic products are way too aggressive to your hair and regular use of them can create more serious problems. Always make sure to read the usage label and try to enjoy the more natural products that can really benefit your hair.

Having a healthy diet is key

What you eat is what you’re made of, literally. There are many known foods that can give you the necessary nutrients for your hair to grow strong and beautiful.

Protein is big deal when it comes to hair, since about 97% of hair is actually protein.  Eating poultry, fish and other more healthy sources of protein are recommended.  One of the best foods are oysters which have a lot of zinc in them, that will help you deal with hair loss. Salmon, tuna and walnuts are also great sources of Omega 3 fats which are necessary for the growth of your hair and your hair can’t product on its own.

Vitamin C is also very important. You can get it plenty in blueberries, kiwi and other more exotic fruits. Vitamin C makes sure your hair is nourished properly. If you don’t eat enough vitamin C your hair will be prone to breakage.

Another simple source of good nutrients for your hair are eggs. These have a lot of protein and important minerals like; iron, sulfur, selenium and zinc. Iron is important because it is reponsible for the supply of oxygen to the hair follicles.

Environment plays an important role

What you do and where you do it is very important for the health of your hair. Exposing your hair to hot sunlight in the summer is not going to lead to healthy looking hair. Just like UV light damages our skin, it also damages our hair. In the summer it is important to protect yourself from hot sunlight in the middle of the day. Sometimes, when exposed to sunlight for a long period of time, your hair will change its color and if you have colored hair it can change the look of the color as well. For the sake of your health and look, spend the hottest days in protecting shade.

In the winter the cold weather and changes in temperature will make your hair dry and frizzy. This is a great condition where static develops and ruins your hairstyle.

The quality of sleep is important

How long you sleep every night and what is the quality of the sleep determines how your hair will look in the long run. Sleeping enough is not only healthy for the hair, but for your whole body. Sleep at least 8 hours per night. Sleep in a place with comfortable temperature and with as little noise and disturbance as possible. This way you will have quality sleep and will feel happy and rested in the morning. Your hair will show it too.


The genes you have gotten from your parents also determine the health of your hair. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can change here. If you are prone to a certain condition, acknowledge it and take a better care of your hair to avoid it. There is not permanent solution for this problem.

Stressful life shows on your body

There is no doubt that stress has a big impact on how you look. Your whole body, including your hair, will look better if you have a more relaxed lifestyle. Sometimes stress is unavoidable, but in that case make sure to spend some time relaxing. Not only will this improve your overall health, the look of your hair, but you will also feel better in the long run. You may even earn yourself a few years longer life. In today’s stressful world we are almost constantly under some kind of pressure. If that stress cannot be eliminated, and for many hard working people who need to feed their family this is not possible, make sure to actively pursue hobbies like different kinds of sports, doing art of anything else that makes you happy and you like doing. Watching TV is excluded here as many times television is just another source of stress in our life. Having your own garden in the backyard, going running or simply taking care of your pet can do the trick.

Hopefully you’ve learned something useful in this article and have a better idea how to take care of your hair. For more information related to hair treatment click here.


What’s All The Fuss About Hair Oils

What’s All The Fuss About Hair Oils


hair oilNot so long ago hair oils were completely unknown beauty products and rarely any woman used it. In the eighties women started using hot oils for the first time. Before that, oils in hair treatment were more or less unknown in the Western world.  Today the big cosmetics companies like L’Oréal report their hair oil is the best-selling professional product of all the history of the company. There are many other companies that sell their own hair oils like; Moroccanoil, Kerastase, Mira hair oil and others.

Today, hair oil is the “magic” product that will transform your hair from dull and boring to sexy and fabulous in just a few weeks. They are usable for all hair types and don’t require any special knowledge or lengthy treatment to use them with great results. You can use it in every season, in the summer when your hair is frazzled from the hot sun, use a bit of hair oil and your hair will get sleeker and healthier looking in a matter of moments. Not to mention it will protect your hair from the environment and harmful things like hot sun, chlorine and salty water.

The majority of women use hair oils as a replacement for hair serums that they’ve been using in the past. Giving your hair a glossy, swishy shine, nourishment and protection are all the reasons why to use hair oil. Serums usually just coat the hair with unnatural ingredients that are many times harmful for the health in the long run. In this regard, hair oils are much more “hair health friendly” than hair serums or other less natural hair products.

Hair oils are based on fat acids, vitamin e and anti-oxidants which are all important for a healthy look for the hair and best of all, your hair receives them in a natural way.

It is no wonder hair oils have become very popular with top celebrities like Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian and others who publicly advertise their use of cosmetics, including what kind of hair products they use. This has helped a lot of regular women to take notice of this all-round product that has many uses in hair treatment and so it has become a must have items for any self-respecting women who wants to have healthy looking hair.

There are many different types of hair oils, some help with making the hair shiny and soft, others help with hair growth and some will make your hair smell really nice. There is so many to choose from it’s sometimes hard to really make a decision. Visiting any drugstore in nearby mall will give you plenty to choose from. Additionally you can choose from a wide selection of hair oils online if you know exactly what you want. There are even oils with anti-fungal and antibacterial powers, some can treat alopecia areata or get rid of dandruff, it all depends on what kind of condition you are trying to cure. If you are looking for a hair oil that will help you grow you hair longer and thicker and want more information about it, go to homepage of this website where you’ll find more information about a particular hair oil.

How To Use Hair Oils

First make sure to spread the oil on your palms and then apply it on the middle and ends of your hair and never the scalp. The ends of your hair at the most vulnerable because the natural oils have the hardest time getting to the end of your hair to fully protect and nourish them, especially if you wash your hair a lot.

Many women use hair oil as a replacement for a conditioner, after washing your hair just add some hair oil on wet hair and leave it on for a few moments or just leave it on without washing again.

You can use hair oils on dry and wet hair. On dry hair you will get that “fixed up” look very easily without really visiting a hair salon.

Smoothing the hair oil through dry hair will help you avoid frizz, breakage and give you an incredible shine that other women will be jealous of.

When you have wet hair you can speed up the dry-blowing by adding some hair oil beforehand, since the oil repels water and heats up faster so the drying takes less time. This way you spend less time and condition and nourish hair at the same time.

Applying the hair oil on wet hair will strengthen your hair. Healthy ingredients that nourish the hair will make frizz forming less likely, thus making your hair lying nice and flat.

The main connection between the hair oils is that they all use some kind of oils that is usually derived from plants or nuts. We know hair oils that are based on coconut oil, peanut oil, Argan oil, Marula oil, Moringa oil, Jojoba oil, olive oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, almond oil and many more. There isn’t much difference what kind of oil the product is based on since they all have the same use. The difference lies in added ingredients that can make hair oil different and special. These special ingredients are different scents, vitamins, especially vitamin E, antioxidants, fat acids like omega-3 and other nourishing ingredients that your hair loves.

If you want to have soft, shiny, long and healthy hair that smells nice as well, get yourself a bottle of hair oil and see why so many women rave about it.

Mira Hair Oil Scam Allegations


Mira Hair Oil Scam Allegations

A lot of people are aware that online scams happen more often than in the real world, so it is very important to check the background of every product or company you are interested in, even if you’re only buying hair oil. It’s human nature to be cautious and these doubts are all justified. When a product is supposedly going to solve all your problems then our doubts spring out and makes us wonder whether this is true or all just a bunch of baloney. This is when we start looking for some additional information. You can find plenty of Mira hair oil reviews on the internet, but many of them look fake and made up. At least this is our experience and opinion.

Mira hair oil questionmarkGenerally people are quite happy and nobody who has tried the hair oil for proposed period of time reported unsatisfactory results.. We found a forum where they bashed on Mira hair oil and said how it looks like a scam, but in the end no member there tried it personally, and when somebody did it reported completely opposite results. Some people also don’t get many benefits from it. We all have different types of hair and the same product is not going to work for all people in the same way. But that doesn’t mean that Mira oil is a scam product.

Is There Any Truth In Scam Reports?

From experience we can say that most people talking about Mira hair oil that say it’s a scam have never tried it themselves. This is quite ironic but today’s internet communities are very fat when it comes to giving their opinion even when they have no experience or proof of their allegations. All in all it seems that it’s very hard to find a good conversation about Mira hair oil scam topic on any online sites, at least one where people actually try the product before giving opinions. Being cautious of this kind of talk and looking for a more legitimate and trustful source is important. Of course these same rules apply to our website as well. We don’t want you to blindly believe us, but to look at the official Mira oil website and decide for yourself. Mira hair oil scam allegations usually have no foundations which are based upon.

Because many people believe these Mira hair oil scam allegations, they deprive themselves of a great product that is helping people all over the world with treating their hair. We really don’t want you to fall to the negative talk yourself and hopefully this article will give you a different mindset and a better outlook on why certain people make false allegations without thinking about the consequences.

What Is Mira Hair Oil?

What Is Mira Hair Oil?

Originally Mira hair oil comes from India and is supposedly 5000 years old. It has been used by Indian women for thousands of years to make their hair healthier. It was “resurrected” just a few years ago, when it was brought to North America and is now produced in America by the same thousands of years old recipe.

hair oils made out of organic ingredientsMira hair oil is produced of 100% organic materials and no chemicals whatsoever.

It is advertised that it stimulates hair growth, increases hair thickness and makes your hair look shinier. This hair oil will also exfoliate your pores, detoxify your blood and make sure toxins are stopped onto your scalp and hair, at least this is what they say. All this is achieved naturally and without any man made chemicals that don’t belong on your head.

It is made out of natural ingredients that are still more or less a secret and nobody knows exactly how much of each ingredient is in the mix, apart from the producers of course. There is an ingredients label on the hair oil bottle, but they don’t tell you which ingredients are the prevalent ones.

You should use this hair oil 2 or 3 times every week. You apply it to your scalp with gentle fingertip massage. It takes only about 2 minutes and after you’re done with applying it, you need to leave it on for about half an hour. It’s basically used just like any other hair oil. Allegedly in only 3 weeks you will see first results with faster hair growth and healthier looking hair. It is true there are quite a lot of women acknowledging that Mira oil works as promised. Yet there are others who are skeptical or aren’t as happy with it.

The official Mira website gives you an option to pay with a credit card or with Paypal. You have to pay for shipping as well. In case you are not happy with it, you can send it back and demand 100% of your money back.  The only really bad thing about this hair oil is its price. One bottle is quite expensive compared to prices of other hair oils and hair treatments you can get at your local store. It still doesn’t belong among the most expensive beauty products since those can cost hundreds or some even thousands of dollars. Some women really can spend a lot of money for looking good, but we are looking through the eyes of a regular woman. You can definitely find cheaper hair products, but they are not necessarily more effective.

Mira hair oil stands as a good product in most women’s eyes and is praised in most of interactions online. Official mira website has long history and has been doing business for a few years which is a good indicator the business is a real one.

Mira Hair Oil Scam Talk

Talking About Mira Hair Oil Scam

We honestly can’t believe how many people are posting their questions about Mira hair oil online and asking the same questions a hundred times.  It is understandable that there is some concern from potential buyers since this is sold online, but why do people have to ask the same question over and over again. If you check Yahoo Answers you will see a lot of them are more or less the same and fortunately we found an answer to that. Marketers are using Yahoo Answers in their endeavor to get as many people on their websites as possible. It is actually a shady trick when you make 2 accounts, with one you ask if Mira hair oil is a scam and then you answer it with your second account and your own link. Otherwise there would be no reason for people to ask the same question hundreds of times when they can easily find the answer just by doing a short search for online.

mira hair product scam warningPlease understand that we think it is absolutely ok to have doubts about anything you read or see online. Your concern about Mira hair oil is on spot. There are a few ways you can protect yourself from getting ripped off. The first one is to always buy from official websites. There are people out there that make duplicate websites of popular products. Whenever you are buying something online it’s best if you do it from a trusted website. Usually there is only 1 official website and it’s the same with Mira hair oil.

There is also a lot of talk about Mira hair oil scam on forums.

People want to know if this hair oil is the real deal or not. The bad thing about it is that many people giving advice on these forums have never tried it themselves. You will find some people say it’s a great product and some that it’s just a scam. Usually you can read between the lines that most of the people commenting there have never used it and are either business competitors or simply giving their opinion on a topic they know nothing about.

Of course all bad talk is not a lie. It’s very possible that for some people Mira oil doesn’t work as much as for others. People have different hair types that react to hair products differently.

If you check the article below where we write about top 10 Mira hair oil scam signs you will learn how to easily spot fake offers.


official Mira hair oil website

Mira Hair Oil Scam – Top 10 Signs Of Scams

Mira Hair Oil Scam – Top 10 Signs Of Scams

This article is going to talk about Mira hair oil scam and how to spot scams online, plus comparison of scam evidence for Mira oil. There is quite a lot of buzz about mira hair oil on beauty forums and other website where people can ask and answer questions. It’s the sole reason why this article was written. This article is going to go through all the most commons signs of scams that are happening all the time online and which Mira hair oil scam signs we can find just by doing some research.

Scam sign #1?

Probably the first thing you see when you do a search for a certain product online is how many websites and reviews are out trying very hard to convince you how great this product is.


If you visit these websites you will immediately know that these people are trying to sell you very hard. There are going to be used very bold and promising words, together with colorful banners. To be completely honest, this is not the best sign whether or not a certain product is a scam or not, because a lot of internet marketers are using these methods to promote products. A lot of genuine products are promoted the same way. A big number of reviews usually just mean there is an affiliate program available which is also the case with Mira hair oil.

Mira Hair Cosmetics Scam Alert


All these aggressively promotional websites about Mira hair oil are just a sign that a lot of people see potential in this market. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that this product is always good, but you also can’t say that it’s a scam. Becoming an affiliate and getting banners and ads is easier than ever and many bloggers decide to do that without trying to scam people. If you do a search for “mira hair oil” in Google you will find quite a few of these websites, but most look just like average blogs or marketing websites.


A good sign a product could be a scam is promising unbelievable results in record time. Scammers usually claim their products are superior while you can get them for very little money. If you check Mira hair oil claims you will see that this oil is supposedly better and more effective than most oils on the market, but the price correlates to the claims. Mira oil is supposedly help you grow 2-3 inches of hair every month and make it more thick and shiny. Growing 2 inches every month is not impossible and for some people this is even normal hair growth. It looks quite legitimate in this sense.

5th Mira Hair Oil Scam Sign?

Another very good sign that a product could be a scam is if there is not contact information or other way to contact the webmaster. Every legitimate business has an email or an in-built contact form for every visitor to use. If you go to official Mira hair oil website you will see there is a “contact us” option with real email (sales@growfabuloushair.com). In this regard Mira hair oil website looks like a real deal.


It’s always a smart idea to check the address or the owner of the business. All scams will be registered in some 3rd world countries on weird addresses.  By doing a deeper check on Mira hair oil website we found out it’s stationed in North York, Ontario in Canada. This is actually a real address, but if you don’t exactly live nearby, you have no way of finding out the truth.


When you check who is the owner of the domain you will usually see that many businesses are protecting their owner information. A lot of times legitimate businesses do this as well. Mira hair oil site is the same, it has protected owner information and there is no way you can get it revealed by searching online. This is no proof of legitimacy, but it doesn’t mean it’s a scam either. Probably the owner of mira oil just wants to protect his privacy.


Here is another case when you have to be very careful. Whenever you have to give out very personal information for a simple purchase you better not proceed. Whenever you are purchasing something from a legitimate site, like Amazon, you have to write your credit card information like, credit card number, full name, date and its security number, but you will be never asked for the PIN number. If you are demanded to give out information that somebody can abuse, then this is probably a scam. If you want to buy Mira hair oil you won’t find any demands for information that is not commonly used for online purchases.


A really good sign whether Mira oil is scam or not is looking at its payment processing.  Most scammers work through unknown payment methods that can be more easily abused and used in 3rd world countries. Mira hair oil payment processing uses Paydotcom that primarily uses Paypal. Paypal is very popular and known to have very good protection of its users.  In fact, most Paypal options are not available if you are not from a developed country, which means higher standards and more protection. It is also very easy to get your money back if you use Paypal. Whenever you feel the product you bought does not live up to its expectations you can demand your money back and you always get it all back. Official Mira hair oil website uses very legitimate payment processing. Knowing this simple truth you can be sure that Mira hair oil scam is not really a scam.


A great indication whether Mira hair oil is a scam or not are comments and testimonials from people. Anybody can write a positive review or an article, but comments are written by real people. If there are a lot of people commenting on a certain product and they say good things about it, then you can be sure it’s a good thing. Whenever people are scammed they always post negative feedback on websites and it’s very easy to see the scam. Websites about Mira oil have a lot of comments and majority of them are very positive. The more negative ones are mostly from people who have doubts on whether it works or not, but haven’t tried it themselves. Always do your own research of course. By looking at comments this hair oil looks like a good product and people are generally happy with it.

Is Mira hair oil scam or not? Well the above article will help you decide that for yourself. Go through every paragraph and do some research yourself, in the end you will find the same information. By the look of it, there are some characteristics of scams, but believable claims, real address, popular and trusted payment method and many positive comments, make Mira hair oil look more like a genuine business than a scam. Take a look at official Mira hair oil website and decide for yourself.

Welcome to Mira Hair Oil Scam Website

Welcome to the website where you will learn more about mira hair oil scam in the future posts. Stay tuned.