Mira Hair Oil Review

Hi Sarah here, this is my Mira hair oil review where I will share my experiences with it and what I think about it.

Don’t forget I’m only sharing my experiences here and if you have a different opinion or experience, please share it in the comments section below.

Where did I hear about Mira oil?

I was searching for a good hair product that would strengthen and improve the health of my hair. I came across many different products and one in particular got my attention.

It wasn’t just the promise of healthier and more beautiful hair but also less hair loss and faster growth, hence denser hair. From my understanding of the official website, these were quite ambitious promises.

Why did I decide to try it?

Before I made my decision, I read a few different reviews online which were more or less all positive, but I guess this is a standard with every beauty product.

In the end I decided to try it out for myself and see what good it can do for me. After all I try out new products all the time, keep using the good ones and throwing away bad ones.

I checked various offers online which all had about the same price of $80 per bottle, or $79.99 to be more exact. I found some other sides with lower prices, but they looked a bit suspicious.

I ordered it from the official website of Mira hair oil and paid with my Visa credit card. I think they use Paypal as their payment processor which is good since Paypal is known to have very strong protection against fraud.

After I placed the order I got the package in a bit over 7 days, which isn’t the best delivery time, but I can live with it.

This is mira hair oil bottleThis is how the bottle looks like, it’s just a regular bottle with a simple description of what’s inside and how to use it.

Immediately when I opened it I noticed it’s smell. It’s mild yet very nice and I love putting it onto my hair, you might not like it, but for me it smells very nice.

Together with the package I got a special shampoo as a bonus which, I admit, I haven’t had the opportunity to try out. In fact I forgot about it and have it stored on a shelf J (maybe I’ll test it and post my review about it too).

How did I use Mira oil?

I applied the oil with my hands, I use the fingertips and then slowly massage it into my scalp for a few minutes. Basically I repeated this same process every few days, like every 2 to 3 days, for over 9 weeks.

This is what they recommend on the official website and how you apply other hair products to your scalp. Slow, soft massage works best, then just leave it be for a while.

You should know that a lot of oil gets soaked by hair in the process. The product feels like any other oil and after applying it leaves a very nice scent on your hands.

What were the results of using Mira oil for me?

Unfortunately I haven’t done any pre-use measures of my hair length so I could compare them to the hair after using it, but I did notice changes in my hair.

So after using it for 9 weeks, which is even a bit more than what they recommend in the beginning, my hair is softer, doesn’t brake nearly as much as before and I do seem to lose less hair when showering or brushing my hair.

Usually my sink was full of hair after brushing or combing and now there is less hair to clean up. My hair feels better to the touch, healthier I could say. Generally I can say I’m happy with the results. From my experience Mira oil made my hair feeling softer and looking thicker and healthier.

What are the cons?

I immediately noticed the high price which I am used to since a lot of beauty products cost similar money, but when it comes to oil, this one is on the expensive side.

I also think they could improve the bottle it comes in, I know the oil is the product but the bottle could look a bit better and they could package it in a box to make it nicer.

I like nicer things and this is just something I would like myself. I also think the oil has a higher price than some other oils and could be cheaper, but I guess you have to pay for quality. In the end I would say this product might not be up to the taste of every woman for various reasons, but for me it’s definitely something I intend to use more often.

Where can I buy it?

Your best bet would be to get it on the official Mira hair oil website, where I ordered it and got it delivered with no problems, try other vendors or stores are your own risk.



Here is a video you can watch, to see how to apply the oil to your hair, helped me. :)


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